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Cannabis State Licensing

Superior Support for a Stronger Business Foundation

State law provides for a variety of different licenses for the cultivation, manufacturing, transportation, distribution, testing, and retail sales of cannabis. With offices located in Los Angeles, San Francisco and Santa Rosa, Rogoway Law Group attorneys have extensive experience working with California’s premier cannabis operators.

We understand and have firsthand experience with the array of licenses for which various businesses must apply and the different processes involved in state licensing and registration for cannabis-related businesses.

In order to meet licensure requirements, cannabis entrepreneurs, start-ups, and business owners often have to contend with a broad and complex spectrum of requirements, including security protocols, record keeping provisions, and other operational imperatives. The process can be an arduous and daunting one. Our goal is to help you navigate the state licensing process with confidence.

Rogoway Law Group provides our clients with the superior support they need to build a strong business foundation and smooth the path to licensure. By retaining an uncompromising, expert knowledge of state and local regulations and leveraging a deep,extensive network of business and government professionals, our team works tirelessly to ensure you stay compliant, informed, and on the path to success.

Rogoway Law Group state licensing services:
  • Preparation for licensure under MCRSA and AUMA (also known as Proposition 64)
  • Application creation and refinement for medical and non-medical cannabis licenses
  • Guidance for state licensing compliance
  • License revocation hearings
  • Ongoing regulatory advising

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