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Petaluma’s Commercial Cannabis Ordinance

Background of Petaluma’s Commercial Cannabis Ordinance On December 18, 2017, Petaluma’s City Council adopted a cannabis ordinance that addresses commercial cannabis permit eligibility, commercial cannabis permit applications, renewals, transfers, denials and revocations, and commercial cannabis business operating requirements, among other items. On February 26, 2018, Petaluma’s Economic Development Manager recommended that the City Council adopt an Ordinance that amends the

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Cannabis Business Laws in Los Angeles, Califonia
Cannabis Law
Joe Rogoway

Los Angeles Has Cannabis Laws (Finally)

LA City Council Passed Cannabis Ordinance & Regulations on Dec. 6, 2017* First, here’s the Ordinance (Sec. 104) and the implementing Regulations. These two docs regulate cannabis businesses in LA. We’re beginning to digest these and will post commentary soon. In the mean time, everyone should start thinking about the Zoning Ordinance (Sec 105). Zoning determines whether your business can operate at a

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“Surge Strategy” on Hold: LA Considers Ending the “Whack-a-Mole” Game Against Marijuana Dispensaries

On April 17, the Los Angeles County Counsel presented to the Board of Supervisors a report addressing the dozens of illegal dispensaries in unincorporated Los Angeles County. The report relayed the Medical Marijuana Dispensary Enforcement Team’s (“MMDET”) recommended approach: a “surge strategy” aiming to close all such dispensaries. On April 19, however, the Board of Supervisors opted not to fund

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Lake and Mendocino County Updates

Amid the developments in Sonoma County and the City of Los Angeles, two other Counties are close to entering the permitting phase. Mendocino County Mendocino County is set for a first reading of its cultivation ordinance on March 21 (barring any additional delays or lawsuits). The most recent draft language can be found here. In brief, this ordinance would allow

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