Environmental Law

Environmental Law underlies so much of our clients’ businesses and the problems they confront.

The ability for a business to operate in a particular location is determined by issues of land use and zoning. In California, each city and county has the ability to control land use considerations within its borders. Our attorneys have worked with hundreds of clients in dozens of jurisdictions to locate sensitive facilities and secure relevant permits for use and build-out.

Businesses aren’t just forced to comply with various environmental laws and regulations. Today, companies large and small are expected to operate sustainably, with an eye towards net-zero water use, and a focus on carbon neutrality. We work with our clients through challenging issues that arise in planning, permitting, and licensing, as well as in navigating neighbor complaints, governmental and citizen enforcement actions, disputes, and litigation.

Our regulatory experience can help you develop practical, cost effective solutions before a problem arises. If a problem does arise, we can guide you through complex issues.


  • CEQA
  • Neighbor Disputes
  • Governmental and Citizen Enforcement
  • Air Quality/Odor
  • Pesticide Regulations
  • Water Use and Discharge
  • Use Permits
  • Due Diligence for Transactions and Permit Eligibility
  • Contract Disputes Concerning Environmental Compliance
  • Environmental Law Compliance
  • Remediation Plans and Agreements
  • Risk Mitigation

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