7 Cannabis Business Resources Available Through DCC’s CannaConnect

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The California Department of Cannabis Control (“DCC”) just announced the release of its newest resource for California commercial cannabis businesses, CannaConnect. Described as a webpage that will be updated frequently, CannaConnect acts as a “cannabis compliance hub” for licensees and those wishing to learn more about operating a licensed commercial cannabis business in California. So, what kind of resources does CannaConnect actually provide? See below for details. 

Resource Type 1: California Cannabis License Application Resources

The first set of resources available on the DCC’s CannaConnect website is aimed at helping potential applicants and applicants understand what kinds of documents they need to prepare to submit with their commercial cannabis business license application(s). The resources in this section of the DCC’s website include an Application Checklist, a Premises Diagram Checklist, a Compliance Overview document for newly licensed businesses, and access to additional application resources and forms organized by license type

If you are new to the California commercial cannabis space and looking to learn more about state license application requirements, the application process, or what running a compliant commercial cannabis business in California looks like, you should check out the resources listed above. 

Resource Type 2: Provisional Cannabis License to Annual Cannabis License Transition Resources

One of the major issues that a lot of existing commercial cannabis businesses are facing is the transition from Provisional Licensure to Annual Licensure and the new materials that must be submitted to the DCC in order to qualify for a Provisional License or Provisional License renewal. To help applicants and licensees understand the new requirements, the DCC created and posted three fact sheets for interested parties to download and read. The available fact sheets include:

  1. A Requirements for Provisional Licenses document
  2. A Key Dates for Provisional Licenses document
  3. A CEQA Requirements document

Resource Type 3: Cannabis Business Inspection Preparation Resources

If you have questions about how to prepare for a DCC inspection or what you need to do in general to maintain compliant operations at your premises – look here. Although the checklist provided by the DCC is not all encompassing, it is a good place to start if you are expecting a DCC inspection at your licensed premises. Click here to access the DCC’s What to Expect When You’re Inspected checklist. 

Resource Type 4: California Cannabis Track and Trace Resources

All licensed commercial cannabis businesses are required to use the state’s track and trace system, METRC. If you have questions about how to use METRC, how to attach METRC issued plant tags, or if you want to access METRC specific resources and guides, this is a good place to look. Here the DCC provided a couple of resources including the following: 

  1. Video Guide on How to Attach METRC Tags to Cannabis Plants
  2. Link to METRC’s California Resources Page

Resource Type 5: Cannabis Packaging and Labeling Resources

Perhaps one of the most useful set of resources provided on CannaConnect is the set of packaging and labeling fact sheets and checklists provided. In this section of the CannaConnect website, the DCC provides links to a packaging checklist, a guide to child-resistant packaging, a labeling checklist for nonmanufactured cannabis products, a labeling checklist for manufactured cannabis products, a universal symbol sample, and more information about the DCC’s packaging and labeling requirements

Resource Type 6: Required Notification Resources

In September of 2021, the DCC adopted new Emergency Regulations which changed, among other things, what events must be reported to the DCC, how they must be reported, and when. To clarify things a bit, the DCC updated its Notification and Request Forms and posted them on CannaConnect for licensees to use when necessary. 

If you need to report changes related to your license or application like a change in ownership, a change in contact information, or a change in license type designation, you will want to use one of these two forms, depending on the type of license you hold: 

  1. Testing Laboratories – Form 29
  2. Non-Testing Laboratories – Form 27

If you are making a change that does not involve your license or license application – meaning, the change is more of an operational change – then you will likely want to use Form 28 – the Notification and Request for Regulatory Compliance Form. This form is used to report things like discovery of a breach of security, discovery of diversion, and changes to list of licensees participating in a cannabis event.  

Resource Type 7: Cal/OSHA Requirement Resources

The last resource provided on CannaConnect focuses on the Cal/OSHA requirements that apply to cannabis businesses. The link provided by the DCC takes you to the California Department of Industrial Relations website for the cannabis industry. Many licensees forget that maintaining compliance with DCC regulations requires compliance with laws and regulations other than those promulgated by the DCC including Cal/OSHA regulations. Click the link above to learn more about the CAL/OSHA regulations that may apply to your business.

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