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At Rogoway Law, we represent businesses, founders, and investors across a broad spectrum of corporate and transactional law matters. Our experienced team is equipped to assist clients with everything from entity formation to complex cross-border transactions, ensuring that your legal needs are met with precision, professionalism, and a deep understanding of your unique business objectives.

Rogoway Law Group’s Corporate and Transactional Attorneys have decades of experience in working with both public and private companies through all stages of growth. Our attorneys have collectively consummated hundreds of multi-million and multi-billion dollar deals in a variety of industries and we have seen many of our clients grow from small start-ups to household names.

Rogoway Law’s corporate and transactional attorneys will help you form your companies, structure your deals, take on capital, and capture the right M&A opportunities so your business can thrive. We have helped our clients grow from start-ups to household names through efficiently and skillfully navigating the complex interplay between the regulatory and business imperatives they face.

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Comprehensive Corporate and Transactional Law Services Tailored to Your Business Needs

With a focus on strategic planning and meticulous attention to detail, our experienced corporate attorneys deliver practical legal solutions tailored to your business circumstances. Here are some of the specific areas we specialize in:

Starting a business begins with choosing the right legal entity. Whether it’s a LLC, partnership, or corporation, our attorneys provide informed counsel on the optimal structure for your business, taking into consideration tax implications, business goals, and potential liability issues. We then guide you through the process of setting up and organizing your entity in accordance with state and federal regulations.

Effective corporate governance is crucial for any successful business. Our team helps establish robust governance structures, formulating policies that promote accountability, ensure regulatory compliance, and foster trust among stakeholders. We also advise on board responsibilities, fiduciary duties, and corporate best practices.

Whether you’re responding to market changes, planning for growth, preparing for a merger or acquisition, or are in distress, our attorneys can help with corporate restructuring. We’ll advise on the best strategies for your business’s needs, from stock splits and spin-offs to consolidations and asset divestitures, ensuring legal compliance every step of the way.

Crafting effective commercial agreements is an integral part of business operations. At Rogoway Law, we specialize in the creation, review, and negotiation of a wide range of commercial agreements.

Our expertise extends to industry-specific agreements that require deep understanding of regulatory requirements, particularly within the wine, alcohol beverage. and cannabis sectors. Whether you require distribution agreements, supplier contracts, white labeling agreements, grape purchase agreements for wineries, or alternating proprietorships, we have the legal proficiency and industry knowledge to protect your interests.

Our attorneys also handle more standard agreements such as service agreements, licensing agreements, purchase orders, and non-disclosure agreements. Our goal is to ensure the legal documents we create to support your business objectives drive your profits while mitigating potential risks.

The global marketplace can offer exciting opportunities, but also unique legal challenges. We guide clients through cross-border transactions, providing expert counsel on international trade regulations, tax laws, customs rules, and more. We work to ensure your transactions are compliant, efficient, and aligned with your strategic goals.

We provide comprehensive legal services around employment and benefits transactions. From drafting employment contracts and consulting agreements to developing equity incentive plans, we help businesses attract and retain top talent while protecting their legal interests.

Our team assists with all facets of equity and debt financings, from structuring deals and negotiating terms to ensuring compliance with securities laws. Whether you’re issuing stocks, bonds, or promissory notes, we can provide the legal support and strategic advice you need.

As a popular instrument for early-stage startup financing, SAFEs require careful legal consideration. At Rogoway Law, we help clients understand the nuances of SAFE agreements, manage potential risks, and ensure the terms align with their investment goals.

We provide comprehensive legal support for M&A transactions. Rogoway Law’s corporate attorneys conduct meticulous due diligence, negotiate deal terms, manage the deal process, and advise on post-transaction integration, always with a focus on achieving your business objectives.

At Rogoway, we work with startups and investors in venture capital transactions, providing strategic advice and legal counsel to ensure a successful investment process. From term sheet negotiation to exit strategy planning, we support our clients at every stage.

When businesses face financial difficulties, our corporate attorneys provide sensitive and strategic advice. Whether it’s a voluntary dissolution, a strategic wind down, or a distressed asset sale, our team can guide you through the process, minimizing legal risks and seeking the best possible outcome.

Our legal team at Rogoway Law offers comprehensive support for a variety of business transactions, regardless of your position in the negotiation. Whether you’re on the buy-side seeking to acquire assets, the sell-side offloading business components, the company-side navigating strategic decisions, or the investor-side looking at potential opportunities, we provide strategic advice tailored to your unique situation. Our attorneys work to ensure that every transaction aligns with your business goals, mitigates potential risks, and adheres to regulatory requirements, all while striving to negotiate the most advantageous terms possible. Our corporate attorneys also have significant regulatory specific experience to assist our clients in various transactions within regulated industries such as wine, alcoholic beverage, and cannabis.

At Rogoway Law, we’re committed to providing strategic legal solutions tailored to your unique business needs. We invite you to connect with us today for a complimentary consultation.  Together, we can lay a strong legal foundation for your business success.

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