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Big Law Services. Boutique Attention.

We are successful because we do great work and we care about our clients.

Rogoway Law Group was founded in 2011 and has gained international recognition as subject matter experts in California’s cannabis industry. We bring a multidisciplinary approach to our clients’ matters through an efficient and solutions-oriented process. Our attorneys have worked in Big Law, as in-house general counsel, for small and mid-sized law firms, and in the public sector. This diverse background helps us understand our clients and meet their needs across diverse cannabis businesses and practice areas.


Our team of accomplished cannabis industry lawyers is here to meet your legal needs. With experience in Big Law, mid-size firms, small firms, international firms, as in-house general counsel, and in the public sector, our attorneys bring a diverse skill set to work with our clients. You can visit our team page to learn more about the legal professionals who will be working on your matter.


Rogoway Law Group stands out across practice areas and industries as exemplary attorneys providing high caliber legal services. Perhaps most renowned for our administrative law and cannabis regulatory compliance expertise, the cannabis industry attorneys at Rogoway are also incredible tax lawyers, corporate transactional attorneys and litigators.


Most attorneys go to law school in order to join a profession engaged in helping people, but few lawyers actually get a chance to do so once they pass the bar. At Rogoway, our attorneys continue to meet this commitment to public service by participating in our robust pro bono program which has drawn accolades across countries and industries.


Rogoway Law Group represents high profile clients in newsworthy matters. Our attorneys fight the good fight and do big deals which is why we have received so much acclaim from local, national, and international news outlets. To learn more about the high stakes matters we’ve been involved with, please take a look at our Press page.


Innovation is central to the culture of Rogoway Law Group. Through years of working with startups and emerging companies, we recognize the value in providing a little extra support to founders looking to get their business off the ground. Our Cannmodo™ platform is designed to provide users with an online resource for their corporate, regulatory, workforce, and intellectual property needs.
Rogoway Law Group is a professional corporation; as such, it does not have partners, it has members who are the equivalent of shareholders. Because of the prevalence in the industry to refer to members and senior attorneys as partners, we use that term and have referred to them as such throughout this website.
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