Lake County Adopts a Cannabis Cultivation Ordinance

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On March 20, 2018 the Lake County Board of Supervisors adopted a commercial cannabis cultivation ordinance. The ordinance goes into effect on April 19, 2018. Please find a copy of the ordinance here.

Lake County is currently accepting applications in a pre-application phase, and will administer permits for both adult use and medical use cannabis cultivation permits, for both indoor and outdoor cultivators. Those already permitted or in-process for a local permit under Article 72 remain eligible for a temporary state cultivation license.

Please note that the ordinance did not permit any other commercial cannabis uses, such as retail, manufacturing, or distribution. You can find an update here at as soon as Lake County does introduce an ordinance to permit other uses.

There are some important items to note, among others, in the new cannabis cultivation ordinance in Lake County:

  • Up to 4 cultivation permits may be allowed on a single parcel, if minimum acreage requirements are meant for each permit.
  • Each applicant/owner may hold up to 4 permits in the County. Please contact us if you have questions regarding whether you are an owner.
  • There is a pre-application process conference with the Department prior to the submittal of an application for a use permit.
  • Renewal applications must be submitted at least 180 days prior to the annual anniversary.

Please contact Rogoway Law Group with any questions regarding the new Lake County cultivation ordinance, or if you have any other questions relating to cannabis permitting in California. 

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