City of Los Angeles Department of Cannabis Regulation Launches Job Board Site

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With the summer season well underway, licensed commercial cannabis businesses in the State of California continue to grapple with the restrictive regulations and taxation issues that have quelled the fervor that once surrounded the industry. While many industry participants are scaling back for the Fall 2022 harvest, others are actively hiring new employees in preparation for what they hope will be a more lucrative third and fourth quarter. 

To help those looking to enter the commercial cannabis industry find jobs with licensed commercial cannabis businesses, The City of Los Angeles Department of Cannabis Regulation launched its Job Board website. The Job Board provides a simple, one stop shop for interested parties to find, learn about, and apply for cannabis industry jobs online.

Available positions are wide ranging and include, but are not limited to positions like “budtenders“, development directors, bookkeepers, METRC administrative assistants, cooks, and accountants. When posting an available position to the Job Board, cannabis businesses are required to include the name of the available position; whether the position is full-time or part-time, the anticipated salary range associated with the position, and a written description of the position. The Job Board website also provides access to an online resume builder for applicants that need help creating a resume.

After reviewing the positions available, an applicant can simply click “Apply for Position” to be taken to a JotForm application page. Once there, the applicant need only fill in some basic personal information, upload a resume and cover letter, and acknowledge that he/she/they have read and reviewed the City of Los Angeles Department of Cannabis Regulation Job Board Terms and Conditions in order to submit an application.  

With some jobs offering salaries in excess of $100,000 per year, the Job Board is a great place for newcomers to the cannabis industry to look when seeking information about available positions in the Los Angeles area and nationwide.

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