Los Angeles Has Cannabis Laws (Finally)

LA City Council Passed Cannabis Ordinance & Regulations on Dec. 6, 2017*

First, here’s the Ordinance (Sec. 104) and the implementing Regulations. These two docs regulate cannabis businesses in LA. We’re beginning to digest these and will post commentary soon.

In the mean time, everyone should start thinking about the Zoning Ordinance (Sec 105). Zoning determines whether your business can operate at a certain location. It’s easy to skip this step – if one focuses on Sacramento, s/he’ll overlook local zoning laws (at great risk). All cannabis businesses are regulated by both the local jurisdiction and Sacramento. Before moving an inch toward a cannabis project (especially one based on a real estate acquisition), do a quick zoning check.

  1. Identify the district in which a project is located, in this map
  2. Use these maps determine baseline feasibility:

District 1 Map   District 2 Map   District 3 Map   District 4 Map

District 5 Map    District 6 Map   District 7 Map   District 8 Map

District 9 Map   District 10 Map   District 11 Map   District 12 Map

District 13 Map   District 14 Map   District 15 Map  Whole City Map

*Mayor Garcetti needs to sign these before they’re law

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