Administrative Law

Rogoway Law’s administrative law attorneys have helped our regulated substance – cannabis, alcoholic beverage, hemp, and psychedelics – industry clients successfully navigate enforcement actions, investigations, administrative hearings and product recalls.

Administrative Law issues can be incredibly challenging for any business to experience. These issues often begin with an intervention from a state or local regulator or governmental body and then can quickly evolve into licensure suspension and revocation proceedings. These challenges often also come with large fines for highly regulated substance businesses like cannabis operations.

Our Administrative Law Attorneys Assist our regulated substance industry clients with:

  • Agency Interactions.
  • Building and Fire Code Violations.
  • Crisis Management.
  • Enforcement Actions.
  • Investigations.
  • Hearing and Appeals.
  • Law Enforcement Contacts.
  • License Suspension and Revocation Proceedings.
  • Product Recalls.
  • Regulator Negotiations.
  • Preventative Measures, Reporting and Compliance Plans.

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