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On November 3, 2020, with the approval of Measure 109, Oregon became the first state to legalize the use of psilocybin products through licensed therapeutic centers. Though Measure 109 doesn’t legalize the possession, manufacturing, and consumption of psilocybin outside of service centers, this measure is still a historic first step.

At Rogoway Law, we’re at the forefront of the emerging field of psychedelics law. We understand the complexities of Oregon’s pioneering regulatory environment, and our lawyers are skilled in navigating the multifaceted legal terrain surrounding the Oregon Health Authority’s newly established Oregon Psilocybin Services (OPS). As this groundbreaking industry expands, our psychedelic law attorneys are poised to provide comprehensive legal assistance to businesses venturing into the realm of therapeutic psychedelics.

Expert Legal Guidance in a New Frontier

From guidance on the application and licensing process, compliance obligations, operational considerations, and more, Rogoway Law’s psychedelics law attorneys provide comprehensive legal services for psilocybin, ketamine, and other psychedelic businesses. 

We assist clients in navigating the complex process of obtaining the four types of psilocybin licenses (manufacturing, laboratory, service centers, and facilitators) from the Oregon Health Authority, ensuring compliance with all regulatory requirements.

Social Equity Plans are a core component of a psilocybin licensing application. We help clients develop comprehensive social equity plans, promoting inclusivity and equal opportunities within the psychedelic industry.

We guide clients through the process of obtaining LUCS, a crucial step in ensuring your business location aligns with local land use regulations.

Our IP attorneys provide expert legal counsel in protecting your proprietary processes and innovations within the psychedelics industry, including trademark and copyright registrations.

Our labor and employment attorneys offer comprehensive services to ensure your psychedelic business adheres to labor laws and maintains a safe and compliant workplace.

From drafting vendor contracts to negotiating complex partnership agreements, we ensure your business interests are protected.

We help establish your business entity and ensure sound governance practices, paving the way for operational success and growth.

We ensure that our clients maintain compliance with the Oregon residency requirements for ownership and investment in the psychedelic industry.

We assist manufacturers in complying with product regulations, ensuring safety and compliance from production to sale.

We provide legal support to service centers, helping them navigate the unique regulatory challenges of this new industry.

Our team supports manufacturers in the psychedelic industry, ensuring compliance with all regulatory requirements and best practices.

As Ketamine therapy gains recognition for its potential in treating mental health conditions, we understand the importance of navigating the legal landscape with confidence and compliance.

Our experienced team of attorneys provides comprehensive legal guidance to Ketamine clinics, from entity formation and licensing to regulatory compliance and risk management. We assist with permitting and licensing matters, ensuring your clinic operates within the bounds of the law while providing life-changing treatments to patients.

Secure Your Place in the Psychedelics Industry

Navigating the complex world of psychedelic law requires expert legal counsel. At Rogoway Law, we can guide you through every step of your journey. Contact us today discuss how we can support your business in this exciting new frontier.


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