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Santa Rosa Criminal Defense Attorney

At the Law Offices of Joe Rogoway, we obtain outstanding results for our clients by providing aggressive and sophisticated representation. Our office is located in historic downtown Santa Rosa and we serve clients across California focusing on criminal defense and cannabis law.

Criminal Defense

A Proactive, Aggressive & Intelligent Approach

The most critical window for defense work may be in the first few days following an arrest and prior to formal charges being filed. At The Law Office of Joe Rogoway, we get to work immediately to divert the case away from formal charges while actively beginning to prepare the defense for litigation.

Once a case has been filed, our team obtains the discovery, continues negotiations with the prosecution, and makes strategic determinations on how to proceed. The process begins at arraignment and continues through preliminary hearing, pretrial motions; and ultimately, trial where a jury determines the fate of the accused.

The experience of going through a criminal case can be agonizing. As the government uses all of its' machinations to ensure a conviction, at the Law Offices of Joe Rogoway, P.C. we work relentlessly to obtain exoneration.

Our commitment to providing the highest level of representation is best demonstrated by our victories.


Cannabis Law is a complicated and often contradictory practice area that overlaps criminal defense and regulatory compliance. In California, there are limited criminal defenses and exemptions available under the Compassionate Use Act and the Medical Marijuana Program Act. Federally, all cannabis possession, cultivation, transportation, and distribution is unlawful. This means that even with the most legitimate medical justification, anyone who participates in cannabis related conduct is risking arrest, prosecution, asset forfeiture, and imprisonment pursuant to California and Federal law.

Both California's medical cannabis laws and the most recent Federal prosecution priorities demonstrate that those whom most comply with the existing patchwork of regulations are least likely to end up in trouble.

At the Law Offices of Joe Rogoway, our unique skillset allows us to successfully navigate our clients through the pitfalls of the criminal justice system and into a place of regulatory compliance and decreased risk. These comprehensive services include criminal defense, collective advising, entity formation, corporate governance, filings, and government relations.

Contact the Law Offices of Joe Rogoway if you are facing criminal charges.

We proudly serve clients throughout Sonoma County, Vallejo, Lakeport, Ukiah, Humboldt County, Mendocino County, Oakland, and San Rafael.

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