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Santa Rosa Criminal Defense Attorney

Cannabis, Criminal Defense, Civil Rights, Appeals & Consulting

If you have been questioned, detained, or arrested by law enforcement, it is essential that you immediately contact a skilled Santa Rosa criminal defense lawyer to help you navigate through this process. The Law Offices of Joe Rogoway has garnered a reputation throughout California for zealous advocacy and aggressive representation in criminal defense and civil rights litigation.

The firm is headed by Joe Rogoway, Esq., an experienced trial attorney who represents clients throughout the state and is frequently interviewed by national media outlets, including National Geographic, California Lawyer, the Orange County Register, the Press Democrat and a variety of cannabis related publications. Joe Rogoway is a committed, focused and aggressive lawyer who continually obtains successful results for his clients.

A Proactive, Aggressive & Intelligent Approach

Often, the most critical window for defense work may be in the first few days following an arrest prior to formal charges being filed. At The Law Office of Joe Rogoway, we get to work immediately and can attempt to locate favorable defense evidence and witnesses, and begin either diverting the case away from formal charges or actively defeating the charges already filed. We begin working the case up for trial from the very beginning of representation.

The determination of which motions to file and arguments to present is part of this analysis. We then quickly move to begin aggressively litigating the issues that are presented in the case. This aggressive litigation then creates opportunities for discussion and a negotiated resolution to the case. If those negotiations do not result in an outcome that the client wants, we are already prepared to win at trial. This is what we mean by a proactive, aggressive and intelligent approach to our cases.

Early Intervention Before Charges Are Filed

It is usually best to win without fighting and it is sometimes possible to divert a criminal case away from prosecution before criminal charges are filed by the prosecuting agency. The process that leads to a criminal prosecution begins with an arrest where the law enforcement agency investigating a suspected crime, forms probable cause to believe that the defendant committed the crime, and places that person under arrest or issues a citation to appear.

From there, the law enforcement agency forwards their evidence and reports to the prosecuting agency (District Attorney) who decides whether or not to formally file criminal charges. The prosecutor evaluates the reports and evidence, and decides what criminal charges (if any) to file. This can be a critical time for the defense to intervene in the process and convince the prosecution to not file charges at all or to file reduced charges.

This intervention consists of meeting with the prosecution and presenting the defense perspective on the case. Sometime this includes the presentation of witness statements, documents, or other types of evidence. The most satisfying outcomes can be those obtained through this early intervention and diversion away from criminal charges. Persuading the prosecution to not file charges saves the client the pain and expense of litigation while allowing the government to focus on prosecuting other individuals instead.

Work Directly With Your Santa Rosa Criminal Lawyer

Facing criminal charges can often be the scariest and most traumatic event in a person's life. At this difficult time, it is essential that as a client, you are able to reliably reach your attorney in order to address your questions and concerns. At The Law Offices of Joe Rogoway, we ensure that the client is able to reach their attorney, and not just some member of the support staff. In order to make sure that the client can always reach their attorney, we provide every client with the attorney's cell phone number, email address, and all other contact information.

Close client interaction is critical to both effective representation in court and in making the client feel comfortable because they are informed and understand the complex legal processes. Our clients are generally very satisfied with both the caliber of the advocacy as well as the accessibility of their attorney. We understand that the client is often the best resource for understanding what happened and who the key players are in the case. We appreciate hearing from you and are eager to discuss your matter with you until all questions are answered.

Knowing the Local Courts and Prosecutors

Each jurisdiction has its' own rules and specific way of conducting proceedings. The criminal court process in Los Angeles County, for example, differs significantly from the process in Sonoma County. Our practice literally ranges across the entire state and includes the following areas:

  • Shasta County
  • Mendocino County
  • Lake County
  • Plumas County
  • Sacramento County
  • Sonoma County
  • Napa County
  • Solano County
  • Marin County
  • Alameda County
  • San Mateo County
  • San Francisco County
  • Santa Clara County
  • Los Angeles County

Through working in each of these various jurisdiction, we are able develop working relationships with judges, prosecutors, and court staff while maintaining knowledge as to the local rules governing the respective courts. Often, it is this knowledge of the local courts that can make all the difference in a successful outcome for the client's case.

Handling Drug Cases, Violent Crimes, Civil Rights & More

The Law Offices of Joe Rogoway P.C. provides aggressive and intelligent criminal defense for criminal allegations including marijuana related offenses, property crimes, driving under the influence, controlled substances violations, white collar crimes, gang allegations, and violent crimes.

Joe Rogoway is first and foremost a trial lawyer, and when taking the case to jury trial is in the best interest of the client, you can have confidence that everything possible is being done to obtain a Not Guilty verdict and full acquittal. Often times, going to trial is not necessarily what the client desires or what is in their best interests. In these situations, The Law Offices of Joe Rogoway assertively negotiates resolutions in an attempt to get the client out of the criminal justice system as whole as possible.

The Law Offices of Joe Rogoway is prepared to fight for your rights and address everything from arraignment to return of property in cases for the following:

If you are facing criminal charges involving other controlled substances, The Law Offices of Joe Rogoway P.C. has experience and success in litigating search issues and suppressing unlawfully obtained evidence. Mr. Rogoway reveres the United States Constitution and will stand up to the government in protecting your rights in alleged acts of civil disobedience, or religious use of a controlled substance.

Joe is perhaps most renowned for his defense of cases involving medical marijuana. However, at The Law Offices of Joe Rogoway P.C., we are also eager to help if you are accused of a crime involving gang allegations, a violent crime such as murder or manslaughter, or could suffer the nearly unimaginable penalties enacted under California's three strikes law. The need for a creative, insightful and dedicated defense lawyer cannot be underestimated.

Free Consultation from The Law Offices of Joe Rogoway P.C.

A Santa Rosa criminal lawyer from The Law Offices of Joe Rogoway P.C. will also vigorously defend you in federal court if charges have been filed against you by the federal government. If you have already been convicted of a crime, we can also help you obtain an expungement so that you can finally move forward with your life. Our office is located in the heart of downtown Santa Rosa and is easily accessible from both Hwy 101 and Hwy 12.

Contact Santa Rosa criminal defense attorney Joe Rogoway if you are facing criminal charges involving cannabis, controlled substances, property, violence, or the assertion of civil rights.

We proudly serve clients throughout Sonoma County, Vallejo, Lakeport, Ukiah, Humboldt County, Mendocino County, Oakland, and San Rafael.

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