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Setting the Pace for California's Cannabis Industry

Rogoway Law Group is a full-service cannabis industry law firm with deep regulatory and corporate expertise. Led by Founder and Principal, Joe Rogoway, our attorneys have garnered an international reputation for their deep cannabis industry expertise and extensive legal knowledge.

Throughout the evolution of cannabis laws and regulations, Rogoway Law Group has been a key player in shaping the cannabis industry.

Our work in the areas of regulatory compliance, corporate law, intellectual property, and civil litigation is unparalleled in the cannabis industry. As a result, we have a significant professional network that augments our legal expertise with the industry accessibility our clients demand.

Rogoway Law Group’s offices are strategically located in Los Angeles, San Francisco and Santa Rosa to best accommodate the flow of capital to operations and facilities.

A New Paradigm for a New Industry

Rogoway Law brings professionalism and legitimacy to the cannabis industry and helps businesses operate safely, transparently, and with the enterprising confidence that builds strong communities and drives value.

Comprehensive Legal Representation for a Bullish Industry

Cultivators, manufacturers, distributors, transporters, testing labs, retailers, tech companies, investors, and decision makers—our clients are as vibrant and diverse as our industry.

Rogoway Law Group is committed to the success of local operators in every segment of the new and emerging cannabis marketplace. With attorneys that bring together extensive expertise from their respective practice areas,

our team has the broad skill set necessary to meet the vertical needs of cannabis industry operators.

This allows us to provide more comprehensive and more efficient legal representation than any of our competitors.

Our practice provides our clients with a complete range of corporate legal services to support the ongoing needs of your business.

Rogoway Law Group is comprised of the hardest-working professionals in the business, with one thing on their mind: advocating with veracity and vigor for their clients.

—Ryan W.
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