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Non-tangible business assets, such as brand names, logos, inventions, messaging, literary and artistic works, trade secrets, and recipes, are often just as valuable—if not more valuable—than tangible ones. Protecting these assets from misappropriation is crucial to the long-term success of every cannabis business.

In today’s connected, rapidly-changing environment, cannabis companies face the challenge of developing their brands and protecting intellectual property while coping with tight regulation and continued federal cannabis prohibition.

Rogoway Law Group possesses a robust intellectual property practice, with the expertise to help cannabis companies understand and secure their trademarks, copyrights, trade secrets and other intangible rights. And if a dispute arises over those rights, our intrepid IP attorneys are also proven litigators who aggressively go to bat for our clients.

Rogoway Law Group offers strategic services and counseling on branding, licensing, trademark and copyright prosecution, trade secret protection, and other IP issues. If you seek help securing a trademark registration and developing a brand, or if you need to defend your intellectual property rights against infringement, our team will advise as to the best strategies for your business while remaining cognizant of your overarching goals and fiscal health.

Rogoway Law Group intellectual property services
  • Intellectual property licensing
  • Intellectual property negotiations and agreements
  • Intellectual property counseling and enforcement
  • Trademark clearance & registration
  • Trademark enforcement
  • Copyright registration & chain of title review
  • Copyright enforcement
  • Brand development
  • Brand protection
  • Trade-secret protection
  • Packaging and labeling advice
  • Unfair competition litigation
  • Intellectual property disputes and litigation

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