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Pursuing good through expert lawyering.

At Rogoway Law, we take pride in the work we do for each of our clients as well as in the larger social change that we’ve helped effectuate. We place great emphasis on the acquisition and retention of subject matter expertise which has been gained through many years of working on a variety of matters which have a regulatory nexus overlapping different practice areas.

We have earned our reputation as a go-to multidisciplinary firm for clients in the wine, cannabis, alcohol beverage, hemp, and psychedelics industries with our deep regulatory expertise and an experienced team of powerful litigation, transactional, intellectual property, and regulatory attorneys.

While we work hard for our clients, we also make sure to set aside time meaningfully dedicated to important causes. Since our inception, we’ve worked on matters such as statewide ballot initiatives to legalize cannabis, litigation on behalf of families of disabled children, and petitioning the TTB for the establishment of an American Viticultural Area (AVA).



Rogoway Law was founded in 2011. In the beginning, we were focused on litigating cases in courts across California, in the Court of Appeal, United States District Court, and as pro hac vice counsel in other states. At that time, we primarily helped patients, collectives, and caregivers fight to effectuate their rights. It was this initial trial work which first provided the firm with broad recognition and the opportunity to grow.

Our work to legalize cannabis began in 2009 with California’s Prop. 19 and includes 3 separate statewide initiatives to legalize cannabis through 2016.

Today, Rogoway Law’s practices have expanded beyond cannabis to include clients involved in wine and beverage, psychedelics, hemp, technology, and hospitality industries as well. This is all while our dedication to using our practice as a vehicle to do good is stronger than ever.

One of the key proponents of the California Cannabis Initiative in 2010, Joe Rogoway has been an involved and outspoken advocate for adult-use legalization in California well before Prop 64.

Joe Rogoway, Esq. is pictured in 2009 as one of the key proponents of an Initiative to Legalize Cannabis in California for the 2010 election cycle.



From our roots in regulatory enforcement and governmental investigations, our practice has grown to include an accomplished team of attorneys with practice areas including corporate transactions, civil litigation, regulatory compliance, intellectual property, and labor and employment. Our attorneys, and non-attorney professionals, utilize their diverse set of skills and perspectives to help provide our clients with value and mitigate risk.

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Our attorneys demonstrate their professional commitment to social justice through their work on behalf of families of disabled children, trade associations seeking a more hospitable business environment, and to establish new American Viticultural Areas through petitioning the TTB. These efforts are integral to our values and culture.

Jana Adams with her daughter Brooke. In a landmark ruling, we were able to help Brooke–a kindergartner diagnosed with Dravet Syndrome, a rare and severe form of epilepsy–secure access to life-saving cannabis-based rescue medication while on school grounds.


matters that have influenced the industry.

We have worked hard to establish formal recognition of geographic indicators on behalf of acclaimed winegrowerS and have fought on behalf of the cannabis industry since before the industry was regulated. We fight the good fight, we take on hard cases, we don’t shy away from challenging policy issues, and we help fundamentally help people and businesses.

To learn more about some of the significant matters we’ve been involved with, please take a look at our Press page.


Rogoway Law Group is a professional corporation; as such, it does not have partners, it has members who are the equivalent of shareholders. Because of the prevalence in the industry to refer to members and senior attorneys as partners, we use that term and have referred to them as such throughout this website.