At Rogoway Law's Maine branch, we're your trusted legal partner, providing skilled guidance across a range of essential practice areas to support your business and estate planning needs.

We deliver practical and effective legal solutions tailored to your unique needs. Whether you’re seeking corporate counsel, looking for assistance with commercial agreements (including, without limitation, leases and construction agreements), addressing labor and employment transactional matters, managing a hospitality or food-related venture, navigating the intricate landscape of alcohol beverage law, operating in the dynamic cannabis industry, safeguarding intellectual property, or planning your estate, our Maine office is here to provide the compassionate and excellent guidance you require.

In any business landscape, a strong corporate foundation is essential to success, and in Maine, it is even more crucial to show your business expertise and structure to stand out from the competition and protect you from liabilities. We offer comprehensive corporate services, including entity formation, governance, financing advice, mergers and acquisitions assistance, and strategic planning, all tailored to Maine’s unique business and social environment. Contact us for expert corporate counsel rooted in Maine.

Your workforce is your most valuable asset. It can also be a high risk for liability if not handled appropriately. From crafting employment policies and employee handbooks to handling incentive plans, share or member interest issuances, offer letters, employment agreements, terminations and separation and release agreements, we provide tailored labor and employment transactional solutions. Contact Rogoway Law for support you can rely on and to protect and streamline the power of your team and operations.

In the fast-paced hospitality and food industry, legal issues can arise anytime. Our experienced team can help with everything from licensing to commercial agreements, to staffing and employment agreements, policies and handbooks, standard operating procedures, compliance and safety protocols, ensuring your Maine-based business runs smoothly.

Your intellectual property is a valuable asset. We offer comprehensive IP services, including trademark protection, confidentiality agreements, technology assignment agreements, and invention assignment agreements. Connect with us to safeguard your innovations.

For Maine’s breweries, distilleries, and restaurants, alcohol beverage law compliance is paramount, as are specifically-tailored commercial agreements and brand-protection instruments and registrations. Maine has a growing and evolving craft brewery industry, with high-competition, all while enduring a balancing act between community-interests and corporate interests. Our skilled team can assist you in ensuring your business stays on the right side of the law, creates efficient and appropriate tailored contracts with your commercial partners and protects your brand and other intellectual property interests. Connect with us to navigate this fun, dynamic and growing industry.

As Maine’s cannabis industry evolves, so do its legal complexities. Our cannabis lawyers can assist with regulatory matters, staffing matters, operating policies and procedures, transactional agreements, and compliance matters, helping you thrive in this exciting but challenging field. Reach out to explore the opportunities in Maine’s cannabis market.

Planning for your future in Maine is paramount. Our trusts and estates practice can help you protect your assets and loved ones through Maine-specific wills, trusts, and estate planning and can also assist with living wills and healthcare directives to honor your healthcare and end-of-life needs and wishes. Maine, as “Vacationland,” known for its beautiful coastal scenery, mouthwatering lobster, majestic mountains, and countryside, boasts plenty to offer for beautiful properties to protect for the years and generations to come. Reach out to us to assist you in protecting your legacies, properties, and other assets in Maine.

With a deep understanding of Maine’s communal and legal landscape and a commitment to excellence, we’re prepared to help you achieve your legal objectives.  Contact Rogoway Law’s Maine office today and let’s work together to address your legal challenges, seize opportunities, and build a brighter future for your business and personal affairs in Maine.

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