Lake and Mendocino County Updates

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Amid the developments in Sonoma County and the City of Los Angeles, two other Counties are close to entering the permitting phase.

Mendocino County

Mendocino County is set for a first reading of its cultivation ordinance on March 21 (barring any additional delays or lawsuits). The most recent draft language can be found here. In brief, this ordinance would allow for up to 10,000 square feet of cultivation, depending on the zoning and acreage of a particular parcel. Check back later this month for the release of the agenda.


Lake County

Lake County will also hold a meeting on March 21, where the Board of Supervisors will continue its discussion of the proposed amendments to Article 72. Currently, Article 72 allows for up to 48 mature (72 immature) plants on A-zoned parcels larger than 20 acres. For all other parcels, only 6 mature (12 immature) plants are allowed. The amendments to Article 72 would, instead, allow up to an acre of outdoor cultivation, as well as all other elements of the supply chain. However, the zoning is extremely restrictive. The most recent exclusion zone can be found here (click on “Exclusion Zones 20170221.pdf).

Check back for more updates as they are released. As always, contact with questions.
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