Measure A Passed- Get Ready for Permitting

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Sonoma County voters overwhelmingly approved Measure A, which authorizes up to a 10% tax on gross receipts for all segments of the commercial cannabis industry.

While the actual imposed rate remains to be determined, the passage of this measure means the County no longer has any reason to delay issuing permits to operators. We have received confirmation that permits will be accepted, beginning July 1, 2017. So, here’s one thing you can get started on while you wait:

Start working with a biologist to prepare a biotic assessment/biological report for your cultivation site.

Each outdoor or mixed light application must include a biotic assessment demonstrating that proposed or existing cultivation activities will not harm sensitive biological elements like wetlands, habitats, or protected species. Additionally, each application must be reviewed under the California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA). The studies required to produce these reports must be done in the spring in order to fully evaluate the biological capacity of your site.

We highly encourage you to contact and contract with a qualified biologist now to avoid any delays to your permits. For recommendations, please contact the cannabis attorneys at Rogoway Law Group.

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