Lexis Nexis Publishes Cannabis Licensing Practice Note by Partners Joe Rogoway and Blair Gue

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Lexis Nexis, the leading global provider of legal, regulatory and business information, and analytics, has released a new cannabis law Practical Guidance® practice note authored by Rogoway Law’s Managing Partner, Joe Rogoway, and Partner, Blair Gue. Practical Guidance® attorney authors are practice area specialists with skills and expertise honed over years of practice, and selected by Lexis Nexis after extensive vetting.

About The Practice Note

The practice note–Cannabis Retail License Application Process (CA)–authored by the Partners, discusses the California Department of Cannabis Control’s (“DCC”) commercial cannabis retail license application process, including the documents and information required to apply for a commercial cannabis retail license (“retail license”), the process of applying for a retail license, useful application guides, resources released by the DCC, and helpful hints for preparing retail license applications.

California Cannabis Licensing – A Two-Step Process

Generally, commercial cannabis licensing in the State of California is a two-step process that requires a potential commercial cannabis business operator to first obtain local authorization for the proposed commercial cannabis businesses, and then a state license before operations can begin.

This Lexis Nexis Practical Guidance® practice note does not discuss the first step of the licensure process – to obtain local authorization for the proposed commercial cannabis business activity from the applicable local jurisdiction.

Download Your Complimentary Copy

Readers should understand that the local authorization process is typically very arduous and, depending on the type of authorization required by the local jurisdiction, can take years to complete. This Lexis Nexis practice note focuses on guidance for the retail license applicant who has already completed step one of the licensing process and is ready to commence the California state license application process.

Readers can access the cannabis retail licensing practice note directly on Lexis Nexis (subscription required) or download a complimentary digital (PDF) copy.

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