Labor and Employment

Because your workforce is valuable but also can be subject to great challenges.

Effective workforce management is central to the success of any business. From offer letters and employment agreements to severance and release agreements, every business needs to implement effective strategies to maintain a productive, positive, and efficient team. Businesses also need to protect their confidential and proprietary information and set clear policies for the organization and its members to abide by. At Rogoway Law Group, our attorneys work with employers across a variety of industries to mitigate employer liability and to protect their businesses and incentivize their workforce. We additionally often represent executives in negotiation of executive employment packages.

Our Labor and Employment Attorneys Assist our Clients with:

  • Compensation and Benefits Matters.
  • Equity Incentive Plans and Equity Issuance and Stock Option Agreements.
  • Employment Agreements.
  • Employee Handbooks and Policies.
  • Labor Peace Agreements.
  • Non-Disclosure Agreements.
  • Offer Letters.
  • Severance, Separation and Release Agreements.
  • Trade Secret Litigation and Dispute Counseling.
  • Wage and Hour Claims.
  • Confidentiality and Proprietary Rights Agreements.
  • Consulting Agreements.

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