Permitting and Licensing

Rogoway Law Group Attorneys are deeply experienced at handling local permitting and state licensing processes from beginning to end and throughout the lifecycle of businesses. Our attorneys have successfully acquired significant entitlements for our clients and assist in mitigating risks associated with the continued maintenance of permitting and licensing.

Our permitting and licensing attorneys are skilled at navigating the complex interplay between state and local laws and in light of existing businesses and restructure of existing businesses. We work in jurisdictions throughout the State of California assisting our clients obtain and maintain both their local permits and their state licenses.

Our Permitting and Licensing Attorneys Assist our Clients with the following:

  • California State Cannabis Licenses.
    • Cannabis Cultivators (License Types 1-3)
    • Cannabis Nurseries (License Type 4)
    • Cannabis Manufacturers (License Types 6 & 7)
    • Cannabis Testing Laboratories (License Type 8)
    • Non-Storefront  Retail Cannabis Delivery (License Type 9)
    • Storefront Cannabis Retailers (License Type 10)
    • Cannabis Distributors (License Type 11)
    • Cannabis Microbusinesses (License Type 12)
    • Cannabis Processors (License Type P)
    • Cannabis Infusors (License Type N)
  • Local Permits.
    • Conditional Use Permit
    • Minor Use Permit
    • Zoning Clearances
  • State and Federal Beer, Wine, and Distilled Spirits Licenses.
    • California ABC Licenses
    • Federal TTB Licenses
    • Local Permitting
  • Oregon Psilocybin Licenses.
    • Psilocybin Manufacturer license
      • Fungi Cultivation Endorsement

      • Psilocybin Extraction Endorsement

      • Edible Psilocybin Production Endorsement

      • Multiple Endorsements
    • Psilocybin Service Center license
    • Psilocybin Laboratory license
    • Psilocybin Facilitator license 

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