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we believe in what we do.

Founded in 2011, Rogoway Law Group is one of California's largest dedicated cannabis industry law firms with offices in Los Angeles, San Francisco, and Santa Rosa. Rogoway attorneys are thought leaders in the cannabis industry and provide insightful, proactive, and personalized representation to their clients.

Rogoway Law Group has gained international notoriety as subject matter experts in core industries.  We bring a multidisciplinary approach to our clients’ matters through an efficient and solutions-oriented process. Our attorneys have worked in Big Law, as in-house general counsel, for small and mid-sized law firms, and in the public sector. This diverse background helps us understand our clients and meet their needs across industries and practice areas.  

Our Past Guides Our Future.

Rogoway Law Group was founded to help people. Fundamentally, that is why all of our attorneys became attorneys in the first place. Everyone on our team works tirelessly to put our clients’ needs first. This means that we have to understand our clients’ businesses, their concerns, and their objectives.

we believe in what we do.

Most attorneys go to law school in order to join a profession engaged in helping people, but few lawyers actually get a chance to do so once they pass the bar. At Rogoway, our attorney continue to meet this commitment to public service by participating in our robust pro bono program which has drawn accolades across countries and industries.

California cannabis lawyers

we work together to achieve results.

Our team of accomplished professionals is here to meet your legal needs. With experience in Big Law,, mid-size firms, small firms, international firms, as in-house general counsel, and in the public sector, our attorneys bring a diverse skill set to work with our clients. Please visit our Team page to learn more about the legal professionals who will be working on your matter.

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