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Our Legal Team


Providing Unparalleled Legal Service.

Since our inception, Rogoway Law Group has aimed to know everything there is to know about the cannabis industry and the laws and regulations that govern it, and our advocacy for individuals, businesses, and communities goes beyond  simply providing top-notch legal advice concerning cannabis-related activities. We actively participate in shaping the laws and policies surrounding cannabis and prepare clients for their long-term future in the industry. Rogoway Law Group has been, and continues to be, a trusted voice and an intrepid ally for the industry.

Our attorneys bring unmatched depth of experience to the cannabis industry and are accomplished in all facets of corporate law, including compliance, transactional matters, intellectual property, zoning, and litigation. Our team’s broad expertise and collaborative spirit keep us at the top of our field and allow us to meet the cross-practice, interdisciplinary needs of cannabis industry operators.

From Seed to Consumer

We’re Passionate About Your Success

Every day, our cannabis attorneys and staff come to work with one overriding goal: to help our clients succeed. And we understand the high stakes involved, especially in the multibillion dollar economy of California, where legalization holds great promise for the future of the cannabis plant. For this reason, we constantly challenge each other to redouble our focus on client service and maintain our unparalleled expertise in the industry.