Manufactured Cannabis Safety Branch

California Department of Public Health

The California Department of Public Health’s Manufactured Cannabis Safety Branch (MCSB) is one of three state licensing authorities charged with licensing and regulating commercial cannabis activity in California. MCSB is responsible for regulation of all commercial cannabis manufacturing in California.

The licensing branch also grants the following annual statewide licenses to cannabis manufacturers in California:

    • Type 7, for extractions using volatile solvents.
    • Type 6, for extractions using mechanical methods or nonvolatile solvents.
    • Type N, for  manufacturers that produce cannabis products other than extracts or concentrates that are produced through extraction.
    • Type P, for manufacturers that only package or repackage cannabis products or label or relabel cannabis product containers or wrappers.
    • Type S, for manufacturers that conduct commercial cannabis manufacturing activities at a registered shared-use facility

Our California cannabis industry licensing and compliance attorneys can help you obtain your California Department of Public Health cannabis manufacturing license, and help your business remain compliant with the Departments’s code of regulations.

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