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Oregon Case Study: Might CA Benefit from Interim Cannabis Legislation?

Recreational cannabis legalization in California takes effect as early as January 1, 2018. Meanwhile, state and local governments are working to create a regulatory framework for this new market. What lessons might California learn from other states that have made a similar transition? OREGON’S EXPERIENCE: THE “EARLY START” PROGRAM One example is Oregon. Under its “Early Start” program, Oregon allowed existing

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Future of Cannabis Under Proposition 64
Rogoway Law Group

Three Things to Consider Regarding the Future of Cannabis Under Proposition 64 and the Trump Administration

In these Cannabis Law Updates, Rogoway Law will keep you informed of the latest developments and address their importance to those actually involved in the California cannabis industry. Here, now that California voters have passed Proposition 64 and the nation has elected Donald Trump to be President, we highlight three issues: (1) the impact of Prop. 64; (2) the impact of

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