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Mendocino County Commercial Cannabis Cultivation Permit
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Mendocino County – Commercial Cannabis Permitting Updates for Cultivators

Mendocino County’s Phase Three Cultivation Ordinance In June of 2021, Mendocino County adopted, among other things, amendments to its commercial cannabis cultivation regulations. Commonly known as the “22.18 amendments” and the “phase three cultivation ordinance”, the new regulations involve sweeping changes to the way cannabis cultivators obtain permits along with many other changes that work to streamline the County’s permitting

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Measure A Passed- Get Ready for Permitting

Sonoma County voters overwhelmingly approved Measure A, which authorizes up to a 10% tax on gross receipts for all segments of the commercial cannabis industry. While the actual imposed rate remains to be determined, the passage of this measure means the County no longer has any reason to delay issuing permits to operators. We have received confirmation that permits will

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